We offer a full range of services to help organisations implement the concepts of EBT within their operations

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Stakeholder workshops

To assist operators and regulators in developing an understanding of Evidence-based Training and the key steps to implementation

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Instructor development training

Specialized courses tailored for both new and qualified instructor pilots, simulator instructors, evaluators and examiners to develop their capabilities in delivering EBT

Instructor coaching and standardisation

Our team of experienced instructor mentors provide specialised coaching and standardisation of instructors in the delivery of EBT

Approval and oversight training for regulatory authorities

Introduction to the EBT concept and explanations of the options for implementation, plus key areas for approval and oversight

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EBT program developer training

Training for developers engaged in initial and recurrent training curriculum design for EBT competency based approaches

Development of EBT initial and recurrent training programs

We develop tailored EBT recurrent modules as well as task and training needs analysis based EBT initial training programs for all types

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Safety data analysis training

We train safety specialists to analyse all forms of data from operations and training, to provide results to support the development of EBT programs

Data analysis to support the EBT program development

We help airlines to understand their strengths and weaknesses, making sense of various sources of operational and training data, to derive the best focus for EBT programs.

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