Capt. Michael Varney, CEO

Often referred to as the “father” of EBT having provided the idea and led its creation since 2007, Mike and his team are currently engaged in support worldwide for the implementation of EBT, with operators and regulatory authorities. Mike is also leading the EASA European EBT rule-making program, which aims over 3 years to transform rules for flight crew training to support Evidence-based programs in all professional flight crew training.

Mike's career began in the RAF flying fast jets, followed by time as an airline pilot in the UK. He spent eight years with the UK Civil Aviation Authority in operations and training oversight before joining Airbus in Toulouse. In his Airbus role of Senior Director Training Policy and Development, Mike started the EBT project in 2007. Between 2009-2011 Mike worked for Mechtronix, now part of TRU Simulation + Training, who sponsored his role as leader of the EBT project, along with IATA. As well as being an Airbus qualified instructor and examiner and President of the Foundation, he is a Director of the LOSA Collaborative, and works with many airlines and regulatory authorities to support the implementation of EBT worldwide.

Capt. Michael Varney, founder of the Evidence-based Training (EBT) concept. Leading a paradigm shift in the delivery of pilot training.

Patrick Murray

One of the founding members of the Evidence-based Training Foundation and highly specialized in the delivery of pilot training.

Pat is currently a Professor at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia and specializes in Human Factors education and research. Apart from a 3 year sabbatical as an executive manager in a government aviation regulator, Pat has been with the LOSA Collaborative since it formed in 2001. He is an experienced pilot, having served as an RAF and RAAF QFI & Examiner prior to a long career as a Senior Check and Training Captain on the Boeing 747 fleets of a major international airline. Pat has a particular interest in Evidence-based Training (EBT) and is one of the founding members of the EBT Foundation.

Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald started her career in organisational psychology, and has specialised in human factors, user-centred design, and system safety for the past 18 years, having substantial experience in both strategic and operational roles, across safety critical industries including mining, rail and aviation.  Allison has postgraduate qualifications in organisational psychology, safety management and human factors, and continues her academic affiliation as Adjunct Associate Professor in Organisational Psychology with The University of Queensland.  In the rail industry, Allison developed and implemented the first rail adaptation of LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit), and introduced non-technical skills training for safety critical roles.  Allison previously held leadership roles with Qantas Airways in Australia, leading programs in human factors, operational risk management, safety culture and fatigue risk management.  Most recently, Allison was Senior Manager Human Factors at Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, where she played a pivotal role in the implementation of Evidence-based Training (EBT).  Allison is currently based in Sydney, providing human factors and system safety support across multiple safety critical industries.  She is currently a Director of the EBT Foundation, and as part of the EBT Solutions team, provides support to airlines across the world in implementing EBT.

Allison McDonald specializes in human factors and system safety support across multiple safety critical industries among which airline operations and pilot training.

Capt. Simon Henderson, PhD, FRAeS

Simon is a qualified TRI and TRE and now advises the training and standards department of a rapidly growing Asian based airline. He has held roles in management, training and standards and developed numerous courses in the fields of flight and cabin crew training, Human Factors, CRM, along with Instructor and Examiner training and qualification. He was a member of the joint PARC/CAST Flight Deck Automation Working Group and a contributor to their report on the operational use of flight path management systems. Simon was the 2002 recipient of the Flight Safety Foundation Award for Achievement in Human Factors and Flight Safety.

Much earlier in his career, he graduated from the Royal Australian Airforce Academy in 1982 and flew Dakota, Hercules and Boeing 707 aircraft. When Simon left the airforce as a squadron leader he was the flying safety staff officer for Air Lift Group based at Richmond in NSW. Simon works with the LOSA collaborative and has been an invited member to several regulatory panels, oversight bodies and working groups. He was a representative to the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative and a foundation member of the Evidence Based Training Foundation. Simon received his Doctorate in 2009 and remains a Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales.

Capt. Simon Henderson

Dr. Barbara Mawhin

Barbara Mawhin, PhD in cognitive ergonomics and specialist in neurosciences, has worked in aeronautics for several years and in medical and fire-fighting fields. She is currently working in pedagogical solutions like serious gaming and microlearning for industries. Barbara was engaged in European Union funded research into pilot situation awareness, using the EBT Core Competencies. She has also conducted research into the effects of pilot fatigue.

Barbara Mawhin

More about our team:

A growing and diverse team of capable individuals with strong industry credentials in airline and regulatory authority management, training, human factors, safety investigations and data analyses. All of us share a common goal, to improve the quality of flight crew training worldwide and help customers harness the benefits of EBT programs for initial and recurrent training. All of our team members bring additional dimensions to the services we offer.