Peak Pacific Announces Strategic Partnership with EBT Solutions

PPG-EBT Solutions - social media.jpg

27 August, 2018; Hong Kong and United Kingdom 

Technology-enabled Learning provider, Peak Pacific, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with EBT Solutions, a consulting organisation providing solutions to the aviation industry, particularly in the field of evidence-based training (EBT). 

Peak Pacific Founder & Group CEO, Kishor Mistry, said, “This partnership is in line with our corporate strategy to develop and provide solutions and services for the global aviation industry in collaboration with subject matter experts, airlines, instructors, flight simulator manufacturers, and other stakeholders from the industry itself.” 

Peak Pacific and EBT Solutions will bring together their collective knowledge and expertise, as well as their respective industry networks, for product development to meet customer expectations for the implementation of EBT and competency-based training programs. 

“We are excited to work with the EBT Solutions team led by Capt. Michael Varney, who is often referred to as the ‘father’ of EBT for his work founding the concept and leading the development of EBT worldwide, starting with the publication of ICAO Doc 9995 in 2013,” added Mistry. 

EBT Solutions CEO, Capt. Michael Varney, noted, “We are looking forward to working very closely with the team at Peak Pacific, as well as their aviation clients worldwide. We are likewise very keen to showcase to our customers the solutions for training management, flight simulator training, and learning management, as well as aviation courseware library provided by Peak Pacific.”