Actively improving training standards around the world

Many major airlines and operators have elected to adopt the concepts of Evidence-based Training and restructure their training programs to target the real operational risks.

It is rare to see a single person have such a profound positive impact on the whole aviation system. Mike created the Evidence Based Training (EBT) concept, and very successfully gained support from other professionals around the world. It is impressive to see that what used to be a brilliant concept, is now something officially recognized by ICAO and worldwide.
— Risk and safety expert working for a major aircraft OEM
Can’t say enough how we all appreciate your work of the last years. I can’t remember of something similar in flight training which increased flight safety so much.
— Head of training for a major European airline
We want to thank you so much for an extraordinarily instructive and well communicated EBT course here last week, I have received, nothing but positive feed-back from my colleagues.
— European aviation authority