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EBT Developer Course

Join us in Singapore as we present a practical, interactive workshop, designed to support your airline’s EBT implementation.

EBT Developer Course (April 24-26, 2018)

A practical overview and methodology for developing effective EBT scenarios and courseware. 

Developing meaningful, challenging scenarios that maximize learning is critical to the success of EBT.  This three-day course builds developers’ skills to help them create EBT recurrent and initial training.  It provides a structured, rigorous approach to development that can be used by training developers both within an EBT program, and more broadly in all aspect of training.  The course combines theory and practical exercises, to understand the EBT program philosophy, develop capability in identifying training needs, build skills in designing and developing effective programs to meet training needs, and understand how to use airline safety and training data to contextualize EBT training.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for pilots and curriculum developers, who will be involved in developing EBT training within an airline.  Some prior understanding of the principles and philosophy of EBT is preferred, although not essential.

If you are interested in attending the EBT Developer Course, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with full details and pricing.

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